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Test bench BLMX 100/LP

Foucault current test bench

Serie LMX


The test bench BLMX 100/LP is designed to simulate the load of work on new or
repaired electric motors. It can measure the starting torque and the power of electric engines.


Easy to use.
Low price.
It is designed to perform fast tests.
Real time data of rotation, torque and power.
Starting torque measurement.



This test bench is very useful for electric motors manufacturers,
repairers and importers who want to test the motors at full load and measure the torque and power value



Demonstration video (Italian)



1. Strong structure that makes it safe and easy to transport.

It is equipped with an anti-vibration system.

2. Foucault current brake of 10KW.

3. Liftable sled to lift and adapt the motor to the brake. The motor's shaft
Max height is 140mm.

4. Chain system to block the motor during the test.

5. The joint brake/motor is fact to connect.

6. The control unit is equipped with:

- Digital visualization of power, torque, speed.

- Regolation tool of the brake tension.

- General high sensivity thermal magnetic differential switch.

- Brake thermical protection system.



Electromagnetic brake:

Tension 0 - 220Vdc

Power 10KW